String can be placed in format:

val s = "Hello World"
"Application %s".format(s) should be(res0)

Character Literals can be a single character:

val a = 'a'
val b = 'B'

//format(a) is a string format, meaning the "%c".format(x)
//will return the string representation of the char.

"%c".format(a) should be(res0)
"%c".format(b) should be(res1)

Character Literals can be an escape sequence, including hexidecimal:

val c = 'a' //unicode for a
val e = '\"'
val f = '\\'

"%c".format(c) should be(res0)
"%c".format(e) should be(res1)
"%c".format(f) should be(res2)

Formatting can also include numbers:

val j = 190
"%d bottles of beer on the wall" format j - 100 should be(res0)

Formatting can be used for any number of items, like a string and a number:

val j = 190
val k = "vodka"

"%d bottles of %s on the wall".format(j - 100, k) should be(res0)